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Green Net Finland is a cleantech business network that brings together the expertise and resources of Finnish cleantech companies, scientific and educational institutions and public authorities.

Our thematic focus in cleantech is urban cleantech, comprising:

  • smart and energy efficient construction and living
  • smart and sustainable traffic
  • circular economy in the urban environment

Green Net Finland, founded in 2001 has always been committed with developing and implementing high-quality projects and professional project management. Green Net Finland is a project organisation with long term know-how in various development project performing different roles, from technological consultant to project management and dissemination.

Green Net Finland's objectives:

  • High-quality projects and professional project management
  • New business opportunities for our members
  • Project financing expertise in public funding instruments, especially European programmes
  • Networking and matchmaking opportunities
  • National and international cooperation in cleantech sector
  • Events, like seminars and workshops

We are your link to Finnish cleantech sector!

Green Net Finland is a non-profit organisation registered as an association in Finland and committed to support the development of cleantech innovations and the know-how of its member organisations.

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